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My child, my spirit guide, my friend and companion for over 11 years, Palomar, was put to sleep on 3/20/08. It was his time, but I'm devastated. I'm hurting. I have lost a part of me.

Of all my German Shepherds over the years, Palomar was special. He was different. He taught me to see and hear things I could have never imagined. It's his breed perhaps, a dog bred to be focused on only his master,  the Shepherd, and the important job at hand. Protect the flock, and protect his master. Stay focused. Nothing else matters in life. Nothing.

But there is something more about this canine breed that's difficult to explain. It's an energy, and it's powerful. These shepherd dogs somehow are able to read your mind -to get deep into your soul. An ability perhaps only a 19th century Shepherd in the German Highlands moving his flock with one of these sheep dogs can understand. Two minds working together. Telepathically, and in the spirit. Doing whatever it takes to get the job done. If you are one of the fortunate to have had one of these German Shepherd dogs in your family, then you understand these words....and Palomar was all that.

Palomar Diablo drew wonder and praise from all who met him over the years. He was intense, brave, playful, spirited, affectionate, extremely smart, and often ruled the household.  He was strong, incredibly strong, as many of his human friends who were dragged around the yard will attest to. And he loved kissing babies and friends, and all who would bend a cheek. But strangers respected him as they would a loaded 45. If Palomar accepted you, then you were allowed into the pack, and our family. You were now his friend for life, forever...and he would never forget you.

My Palomar, My German Shepherd......My Spirit Guide, and the protector of the were special.

Hey Palo. You wanna go to the Teepee? It's time to move the flock. It's time to move on..........

You will always be a part of me, Palomar. I was honored to be your friend and companion.

your Shepherd, forever.....


                                                "it's just my dog and me.....
                                                                i never felt so free......"    -john hiatt


Palomar's sire was Jakob Von Grafenstein and dam Kittlehersh Brandy of the Von Grafenstein German Shepherd Kennel in Connecticut.

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